Hey guys...hope you al are doin gud..
plz DONT ever end this live jouranl thingo despite us bein inactive for a while..
everyone, in batches, gets free after the examz n al...so v'l surely keep coming here..!!!!

just feel lyk it, so, a round of applause for the facils..!! <dono y...jus a sudden feeling!!!! :P >

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My facils....thank you!

hey guys(: How are you now?
I still miss you guys and apyls. I guess you all also think so.
and I'm sure that you all enjoy your daily life.  I want to know about your resent life!(:
Then, I also want to send email to everyone, but I don't have enough time><

By the way, the other day I got the closing ceremony's DVDs!
They are great presents for us....I and Mio and sakiko were very glad to get them!!!
So we want to say, "thank you, facils."

Everyone, thank you for giving me many great memories!!!!!
I will not forget them. I promise.(:

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hey guys..hope all's going good..just to let every participant know that many of us are on facebook, so please do join facebook to keep in touch as much as possible :)..

i gues i wouldnt b online too much for another two weeks..hope to see more apyls gangsters(!!!) on facebook..lolz..



LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I was trying to reach wut every1 wrote since i was last on and guess wut i found? This entry in my personal journal loooooooooool I 4got 2 change the post to from apyls_lamisse to apyls LOOOL im soo sorry po linn(a) u kno u luv and miss me looooool
anyways.. it's waay too late but i thought id copy and paste it here looool enjoy:P
P.S miss u everyone!

I'm so sick of pulling myself out of bed! It's getting really old now lol Yes, I can hear the facils telling me I should sleep earlier. Yet as the summit comes near the closing ceremony, I find it harder to waste my time on stuff like sleep rather than use it to do something more important,,, aka mingle:P
Anyways back to today.. We went to the food hall and the thing I had (I forgot it's name) was amazing. After that we went to Stomp and the presentation was hilarious. I think the website will have tremendous influence over people my age! I just have to pause here and ask: WHY DO YOU SINGAPOREANS LOVE THE COLD????!!!!!!! I had to wear both my own jacket and one of their jackets and still I was shivering!

Afterwards we went to the media center. It was highly amusing looool I really enjoyed it. It was a great chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.

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happy friendship day!!!

"Forging a world without borders"...This theme became an aim to many of us during the 2 weeks at the APYLS.But this aim didnt require anything more than making friends and strengthening the bonds of friendship...

at this juncture, friends-the APYLS '07 gang, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!!!!!!...

Still Dreaming!!!

Hey everyone!!! It's great to see that the journal is still on....
U no, we can all chat on the forum... provided it will stay online... 

Well, the cultural night was a truly wonderful experience, and I really enjoyed learning about the various cultures, seeing all you guys in your traditional costumes, performing on stage.
hehehe... it was also great fun watching the facils finally let down their hair, and go crazy n dance... 
I had a great great time... and that mass goodbye session was somethin I'll never forget!!! Miss you guys soooo much!!! :(
It's been a week, and I still miss APYLS the same!!!!
And yeah, please do send over pictures of the cultural night!!! Cos those arent ther on the cd, and I'd very much like to have all that I can possibly get my hands on!!!!

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